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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Rainbow Pastel Wig

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

One hair color too plain? Switch it up with this multicolored hair style!

Occupies: Hat sometimes, Hat

Restricts: Hair Back, Hair Front, Head Drippings

166 users have this item up for trade: LostSoul, peacebuggiee, chippypink87, Torilynn22, abtaylorxo, bestforever_2004, hottshot_anyway, xcupcakezx, Calypsoid, aesareside, monsenuub, nofx__, craziergusta1, Zanzia, xdeath_metal, Aaron, Enchanted, aelyn, heylyss, reiven_zero, Symmetra, Fearless, Sezyvex, soapfanatic23s, denzelle, sapphrodite, sweetseastar, Reeves, AJ, yopojoe, linneamful, mooonpoool, yurinc, Secre, poppyseedlings, Katelyn, bunnyfir, ciphur, hockey298755, sebaskpo10, 01_baby_girl_, Ringer, roseyfen, Ceebeeze, Loyswo, Loyswo, Frostyxx_, tangamandapiano, andres_1550, elizvbith, mommatwinkles, tangerine_paws, Kris10K, danielle_the_uk_girl, polesiapart, 2006artur2006, summerxnightsxx, pikelets, hummingbird_wish, elleh, lucy_haha, tinyzuko, Shazuku, Grunge_Cat, murci_13, Zanyx, SariGaviria, i_will_always_luv_me, blammer258, Amo, Vixenx, Kokojazz, sforsoccer14, Gia, lexiobah, dish000, iinkedd, meef, amsisk22, vanannidian, stinky_678, surbearpdx, rytuna, raelien, slaphappytwirp, veraamber, miami, hotpinkpirate, lancey_smiley, Tallyburger, bogeda, Gia338, riseupgamers, squeaktoy, chanty, elydian, flameoftheunderworld, louisep, Complexum, CopperGoblin, moonshimmer18, ibeth602, xmickay, dafrozen, santamonicace, roseyfen, purplemilanda, NutellaOnNewts, greyfever, baj2117, DalmatianFreak816, Picasso, j0ujiu, Agnes, xobandit, sieskitty9, tinkmaskter, scarredaxel, cinnamonraisinbread, comets_and_cakes, pinknela, paintedromance, taintedmusic, _georgi_03_, itipeque, elhiwe, ackieja2, alissy123, pixiezui, veracity, bilib, taelia, rukanightmare, yalecurling, smile_hurluberlue, kynre, Kamal, butterflychick2073, game_of_thrones1, eiwlie, Ishmael404, ohyeahallison, Mamiknitcrochet, fosterfaerie, invaderzimgrl777, Mondsteinherz, mandarinorange, karablue15, athzalar, KrysD, dinahaby, alittlewicked, rawbee, trubiekatie, shizokoh, Con, candyappleangel, Roseyflower, anneem9999, aleqxi, ouzzow, lizwisch89, lalala, mjcloset, jenneh, and shofi_111 more less

24 users want this item: Tikiara, Tikiara, ipxd725, K3v1nz, gamergrrl, hunneypot, forgottenfolly, darkinvader1981, sapphoandsybil, jessbunnyxo, Liss, afiercedarling, veraamber, ellenik, dianacpv3, doglover3662, yourheartismine, prin69, Sisebi, Rachel, xhxixdxdxexnx, _kureaa_, nono_10_, and mayabelle more less


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