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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Ornate Peach Party Dress

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Wear this intricate and beautiful gown and you will be feeling so peachy!

Occupies: Shirt/Dress

Restricts: None

199 users have this item up for trade: suu, LadySnowfaerie, chippypink87, mooonpoool, wintersunboheme, raelien, lady_powderpuff, aesare, Agi, heartbreaker, charlieputh, morgkitty, hockey298755, Cherryade, Imakuni, bestforever_2004, squeaktoy, hottshot_anyway, icing800, moonaura, Mommypoo82 , feuillys, xobandit, Lilipooh, Symmetra, jo_fitz, guttergator, xcupcakezx, mommatwinkles, polesiapart, sewingcute, imgonnageta, aesareside, avelaingia, Nocturnite, gogoatt93, Exyrea767, nofx__, piksies, hnajyn, sprace, Mamiknitcrochet, Zanzia, catarina_chan, froguin97, sunshinedaisy, alicinha, nepocci, RosaIce, Cowshed, FoxyRobin, Rachelhi, Crowprincess, meowfx, 100%Coffee, LostSoul, liverawr, butterflychick2073, gotarcticfoxy, Sparkie, _georgi_03_, Aaron, Grunge_Cat, assortedprunes, Kianna, esraeh, Demadla, Sanae, Zanyx, Linlove, flannelRaptors, punkys, yopojoe, mandakitty12, murci_13, swifties, cazzie, Sliced_Ramen, sweetchocolate, jamiegsy, sketchytags, Ringer, amythiiel, capturedsecrets, forgottenfolly, TheBananasaurus, lorlurin, kallistni, Amy Chen, fluffy97531, greyfever, chanty, yurinc, Enchanted, riosuave, rytuna, mmj1990, nathalie1202, juney9, greyfever, orarita, jenneh, mmpotter, illogicalilse, Justice, zombifies, pink_gatomon, Kageric, yurinc, silvernoon, louisep, antigoddess, petrichor, kamichy, CopperGoblin, Krejdar, skell, Gia338, ohyeahallison, srsface, lally199, luffy, Kleria, m3gvirg0, Adrr10, bongo_58, aubreywk, teus, jennibeans, gabberstagged, pinchits, alicedee_xxx, im_so_jaded16, NutellaOnNewts, l1lxbunny, heartswold, aodthyn, nightempest, Christie, skro, mandakitty12, baiuki, roseyfen, tiggy027, smackei, sjj530, Brogan, pixiezui, itipeque, gypshe, sebaskpo10, smile_hurluberlue, mexxy, zagzigzebra492, scary_chicken, Slam DUde, cuty_pie_8, twilight_glitz, NicoleGoddessofLoki, fancy_maus, denzelle, Kagali, Jennygpy, kate_454, Mondsteinherz, 2006artur2006, stinky_678, invaderzimgrl777, azurill65, Kamal, anjiallen, Anruiaki, cyanspade, avalonsmage, novelista, sammiie, alissy123, shupish, sierratops, Keeyla, bruuxinha, thew00, gerrralddd, letitbe_lettie, unejouissance, dish000, iamnotaaron, mimi_rose__, Nuno, bilib, bunnyfir, Drachenkraut, Sezyvex, mjcloset, lizwisch89, lalala, pinknela, eiwlie, and _iina_ more less

2 users want this item: ellabella1987 and Minna more less


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