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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Crystal Collector Witch Hat

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Sure youre a witch, but your spells are more about prosperity and abundance rather than tricks or curses. And you also collect tons and tons of crystals!

Occupies: Static

Restricts: None

67 users have this item up for trade: ingzy, greyfever, Kime56, fluffywampa, Enchanted, heartbreaker, Katie Kat, aimee1308, ibeth602, polesiapart, butseriously, mako, kolaar, itemsnot_for_trade10, jeweledcallalily, undeadsissy, Shadyhaven, bunnyfir, twinkleberrytinks, Kokojazz, chillywilly, mercurydivine, ohyeahallison, items_not_for_trade6, Sunshynegirl, Enthral, 0o_simple_plan_o0, bellasinc, tpel, alooongtimeago, Toastedmarshmallows, mercurydivine, faerieskater, Illiebelle, heathernel, Kris10K, invaderzimgrl777, avalonsmage, gotarcticfoxy, mooonpoool, big_spider, seismicfury, paands, shofi_111, andres_1550, xfleurex, undeadsissy, hidefromreality, roseyfen, im_so_jaded16, Aplowd, kate_454, golden1188, Krejdar, shizokoh, Exyrea767, elleh, bunnykitty687, imbitter, gerrralddd, m_magic_girl, bashling, the_mausoleum, sara_spunk, raelien, game_of_thrones1, and daniellepaw more less

18 users want this item: tusklore, JMcDine, Cappuccino, arishna, allworldpeace, tshevv, aubreywk, muuah, unicornskull, recordofsealing, Kimmi, Syprae, strangerthings777, anonymaus, venabre, Lyca, Duneflower, and SunflowerLoving more less


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