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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Dipped in Glitter Body Paint

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Looks like your Neopet has decided to cover themselves (or fall), into some sparkly glitter.

Occupies: Earrings sometimes, Markings, Markings, Markings sometimes

Restricts: None

193 users have this item up for trade: hidefromreality, aelyn, Rexcalibur, zeniththeblack, Enchanted, capturedsecrets, Jack, quittingforgood, atomtrade, whizradio, pebblescloset, lightsfalling, toncinap, Zanzia, salesius, katiec86, Katie Kat, evilduckeh, crafty, alissy123, shirok, roeccoco, kaenguyen17, catarina_chan, flyflyjellyjelly, x_rainbowzz, uber_, kittyforeman, Roum, avalerion, toughduckette, Chiropterax, diaboli_puer, sandygirl2007, rinzombie, giovaniellc2, Phantom, curseofthecoffin, chompchomp, Oceahz, gabberstagged, roo, Manggaetteok, zenheart, draculollie, sandygirl2007, invaderzimgrl777, sweetchocolate, elleh, kangaroos_luver, LostSoul, Ashleaux, beccause, Megfly, hilary_duff_fan_16, Illiebelle, unejouissance, Sailorneopia, funckymonckey, crayolaa_skiess, midnightpoppy, im_so_jaded16, m1ntyone, pink_gatomon, zaxlin, arlyranna, avelaingia, Slam DUde, bellayun, brixxia, hidefromreality, lacievali, sugarbugg, dragondancer007, xoxoposey, amazingelle , silvernoon, dare, bunnybroth, subzero, gothpandaa, androidturret, Rukaisa, starishblue, norma, gypshe, Vixenx, starphirephire, catluver456, suprememeep, Kamal, curlycueonetwo, data, Asphydel, Audrey, reinaran, JennlovesNeo, howdareyoufreezeme1, nub__king, mom2chis, heyjupiter, swordlilly, Ilaena, madior, baiuki, Feline, kadoaties, sjj530, ibeth602, polesiapart, tshevv, Astra, pringlechip99, purplemilanda, araelle, santamonicace, santamonicace, Kaly, luffy, spd, Ringer, VixenXO_, Symmetra, mandakitty12, taelia, kolaar, polajess, Russ, mysticwolf2805, Linlove, cazzie, mooonpoool, autpotter, lauraek96, dhanifan, chillywilly, ohyeahallison, Nimmo, DekSy, lil_kitten_kaboodles, babihghost, punxtual, bunnyfir, twinkleberrytinks, 06Lolo, Exyrea767, a11i, hopefordreamz, RosaIce, mjcloset, Cappuccino, tpel, gotarcticfoxy, superkat, twiddle58, potter, b2350721, jenniferjonas, xxlaurennxx, andres_1550, skell, mercurydivine, roseyfen, golden1188, fairytells, Amanda Buck, Vatani07, starishblue, avalonsmage, Contradictant, undeadsissy, sbunny, danielle_the_uk_girl, frumpydumpy, Aplowd, m3gvirg0, SweetLullaby, sara_spunk, fairytail, milksip, shizokoh, valtou, chantluigi, Sparkie, heathernel, gerrralddd, cat865, Eizzel, the_mausoleum, game_of_thrones1, karablue15, big_spider, and daniellepaw more less

37 users want this item: yopojoe, muuah, sowlv, forgottenbirthdays, Smorty, lolaae, silverstorm300, Syndulla, meredith_eldridge, Reeves, amureux, tschnexo, Callie_C, Rachelhi, iftommorownevercomes, Syprae, leannara, sketch, sothebys, jeweledcallalily, ellenik, Lydia, oshichi, ohmydollface, Kokojazz, venabre, miami, sirendipity, lavendermoon, jlpearcy1010, superman, Quilpy, jakynar, bmisko, Tectonic_Revolution, xhxixdxdxexnx, and Seryndale more less


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