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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Teddy in Love Headband

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Hey! Where are those hearts coming from? The headband eh? The technology here is just so advanced...

Occupies: Static

Restricts: Hair Back, Hair Front, Head Drippings

142 users have this item up for trade: princessairxTL, alixzandreea, hellokristin, vampire, o0smooh0o, superdupersale, sencha, capturedsecrets, spendmylove, curseofthecoffin, itemsnot_for_trade28, thorilliere, Parth, Brogan, itemsnot_for_trade26, thorilliere, darkonek, iloveyou637, fairline, lightsfalling, Carolinadaf, Antony, Run3ll, Merengue, 01_baby_girl_, Fearless, Katie Kat, araelle, amylotti, rosey_posey_jenny, discohappytia, inciters, greenmaegsandham, jenneh, OopsAllBones, Sailorneopia, baiuki, atomtrade, Torilynn22, autumnmoon, aelyn, NorthernStar, jinxxes, hottshot_anyway, Sezyvex, squirrelscout, polesiapart, Enchanted, m_magic_girl, darii_x3, fairylilies, miho_chan04, abookthief, VixenXO_, Mamiknitcrochet, Sparkley, cotton, mandakitty12, heathernel, sweetchocolate, heylyss, Kokojazz, hillary890357, katrina2035, jeweledcallalily, mako, xobandit, BokuWaKiba, JennlovesNeo, tpel, jenniferjonas, louisep, Saoirse2020, andres_1550, xxlaurennxx, Orlog, PedroPascal, eunoiad, skysky, BlushieYawn, flyflyjellyjelly, kaenguyen17, cyndikins, butterflychick2073, nofx__, bellasinc, avalerion, phlyarologist, Theonlywayisup, DekSy, ufotea, fieh, bilib, milksip, Mondsteinherz, pythagoras, mabel_leaf, aurorapearl, vanillah, bellasinc, Illiebelle, posternutbag, prin69, geekula, Exyrea767, thecheesey, shirok, sara_spunk, imbitter, golden1188, willowfae, wingo, hunter4ever, alissy123, Kianna, bunnybroth, aeolistic, invaderzimgrl777, roseyfen, ohyeahallison, vesuvius_410, bittersweet-apple, potter, sugarbugg, Tallyburger, MajoraX, bossycat1033, kate_454, pringlechip99, Kamal, the_mausoleum, bunnyfir, lizwisch89, elleh, Ropets123, Karnallure, gerrralddd, adeluz, oshichi, cheriipie, udubgirl2012, and karablue15 more less

3 users want this item: demure, muuah, and amythiiel more less


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