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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Pearl Shimmer Maraquan Markings

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Pulverized pearls make this iridescent shimmer powder! If your Neopet is not painted Maraquan, it will not be able to wear this NC item.

Occupies: Markings, Markings

Restricts: None

102 users have this item up for trade: XivampiraIx, alixzandreea, demfla, sencha, kiwichampion, capturedsecrets, avelaingia, itemsnot_for_trade31, hujyt_8_8, hujyt_8_8, itemsnot_for_trade28, willowscoe203, maxodrama, Thatsmycloset, Kianna, muffinpuff64, And why is this, crsawinton, Antony, Merengue, melieworm, chillywilly, Nakoe, lorratee, Sezyvex, Fearless, wifeybartee, taelia, shininglasers, potential_ruler, misssybenz, Katie Kat, bellayun, TaumikaM, Oceahz, darkened_landscape, inciters, shofi_111, ufotea, Kaydri, jinxxes, Ashtin, Enchanted, awildekkem, water_faerie377, fairytells, sulfurbutterfly, VixenXO_, a11i, TheBananasaurus, Tikiara, heathernel, imbitter, Kokojazz, Emylisis, Sailorneopia, posternutbag, thelushescape, katrina2035, Emmatjuh, roosewald, nofx__, ChossyCrux, Symmetra, Charrzard, jenniferjonas, bellasinc, Theonlywayisup, ouzzow, kulikowc, kate_454, Keziah, Tallyburger, thecheesey, golden1188, kadoaties, sothebys, catz1, andres_1550, avalonsmage, frumpydumpy, lorilet, sara_spunk, Illiebelle, dveenyo, xxlaurennxx, Shadyhaven, the_mausoleum, sugarbugg, game_of_thrones1, potter, BlushieYawn, roseyfen, mom2chis, ohyeahallison, Agnes, bunnyfir, xcrain, invaderzimgrl777, oshichi, lizwisch89, and udubgirl2012 more less

24 users want this item: aevari, SupremeNerd42, Missa, morghaag, Kagali, forgottenbirthdays, ello, kuikuri, lucent, lyfeofthelonely, gabberstagged, spookygirafke, Usulita, hongdae, lelsie, __lari__, melyeah, sailorini_1, Syprae, AJ, SunflowerLoving, amythiiel, xhxixdxdxexnx, and venabre more less


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