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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Paint Palette Wings

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

These may not be the most practically-placed to use for your next work of art, but they sure are pretty!

Occupies: Belt sometimes, Wings

Restricts: Wings Transient Biology

239 users have this item up for trade: Rexcalibur, grexxin, dependence, asunari, nofx__, piksies, Shazuku, o0smooh0o, princessairxTL, alixzandreea, hellokristin, draculaura, crashbandicoot, mermaidmarie, vampire, friendowlbear, xmysticalangelzx, And why is this, mmj1990, kiwichampion, KatsNC, KatsNC, Enchanted, im_so_jaded16, Faded, W0ozle, heidiklutz, 123lifr, dzalph, linnea, kurrinaniemi, hujyt_8_8, hujyt_8_8, sprace, kaiya_renee, curseofthecoffin, spd, superkat, Cricketgoddess179, neoholic17, mermaidlora, hamdinger7, Astra, Wenchleeuh, Temesta, maybellrose, Jack, xingdarcie, SamTS, AnnabelleLeigh, sweeteas, mafuyuu, Kianna, XivampiraIx, Steffindor, cherry_25, ForeverSoaring, hujyt_8_8, Antony, DalmatianFreak816, yopojoe, polajess, Fearless, strawberry_torte, tuchhc72, Chimiusa, Nikolai, chantluigi, Katie Kat, crsawinton, tangerine_paws, 01_baby_girl_, jenneh, tangamandapiano, Sereria, nauticaled96, Sereria, cat865, gerrralddd, blu, toughduckette, big_spider, inciters, miho_chan04, kiruzawa_yui, nub__king, torturedsoul_6_6_6, heathernel, chesheh, katiec86, JennlovesNeo, wintersunboheme, haruyuki, bittersweet-apple, aimee1308, Ringer, magical336, SupremeNerd42, alooongtimeago, Anyume, CopperGoblin, darcwhale, polesiapart, sebaskpo10, aelyn, super_meisje, Sparkie, eastcoastbabe, frangypanny, charlieputh, silvernoon, silvernoon, brixxia, Krejdar, usukiland, arlyranna, andres_1550, oceanrainbows, mandakitty12, suprememeep, Jaded2222, catarina_chan, iame_o, Reeves, akesis, KrysD, jinxxes, cosynes, roosewald, squirrelscout, Sliced_Ramen, shishou_fuuin, kissamus, kuikuri, anjelica23, proverbialromance, puzzlepets, yurinc, Vixenx, elleh, flameoftheunderworld, Sanae, virgo4554, alissy123, Cybun, ohmydollface, Cappuccino, thecheesey, roseyfen, jennibeans, TaumikaM, Crowprincess, Kamal, thearkenstoner, flyflyjellyjelly, werme123, morgkitty, gunkind, ohyeahallison, likeanevergreen, luffy, Potling, xStacyx, zeusbobcat, Galaxy_348, Aquahime, sowlv, avelaingia, _iina_, m_magic_girl, santamonicace, faith_lovehope, TheBananasaurus, Saoirse2020, deakzy, beccause, woahjulia, shirok, PedroPascal, BlackKisa, Slam DUde, paands, Aritastic, wishfry, RuxIsQueen, hellokittyx, xxx_whitewolf_xxx, purple, JMcDine, sweetie_purple16, FoxyRobin, NextWorld0, jessieop17, Kleria, mjcloset, fairytells, Gia, Gia, Gia, painted_dreams87, OopsAllBones, soapfanatic23s, iloveyou637, sjj530, Dollicate, justcallmebeee, furevre, greyfever, greyfever, VixenXO_, EddieRanger, Manggaetteok, peircedchic1, shylady04, sugarbugg, Schokopfote, branflakes, moonshimmer18, Tallyburger, lavenderbunny94, sulfurbutterfly, spukl1, thelushescape, unbridledbravery, potter, Demadla, lizwisch89, Tikiara, aouie, the_mausoleum, bellayun, avalonsmage, swordlilly, 13ethanii, aviagua, dinahaby, janeyherondale, Amanda Buck, and StarlightShimmering more less

1 user wants this item: traitorous more less


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