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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Weewoo Flight Companion

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Weewoos have never been up this high in the sky and this one is oh-so excited to see the sky from up here! This was an NC prize for visiting the Altador from the Clouds during Altador Cup XVII.

Occupies: Thought Bubble

Restricts: None

171 users have this item up for trade: brittiekins, usukiland, salesius, Acario, haruyuki, Con, eleanorronan, catarina_chan, Keeyla, _friday_13th_, runnerk93, jeweledcallalily, nauticaled96, Sereria, cat865, frumpydumpy, darii_x3, toughduckette, smilingxcat, Faded, pinchits, Jack, Symmetra, starishblue, Oceahz, woof456, Sanibi, Nocturnite, iluvtacos123, kolaar, berzerkturtlez, rotdemon, yellowflower7, katiekazoo, linnea, dragondancer007, starlightsong, imbitter, slaphappytwirp, jackolantern, Rexcalibur, laurendti, manafione, poofiebaby, pootlecat00, Zanzia, C_2D_J, chompchomp, geodepuppy, inspirefire, zaxlin, Potling, mehohara, proverbialromance, Scribes77, gothpandaa, estellebright, Calum, bellebellez, bunnybroth, katiec86, brandiks2012, JennlovesNeo, pistonfists, reinaran, kulikowc, data, furevre, sogno12, flameoftheunderworld, Rascle, frangypanny, stolenwolf, PrinsesKiwii, ohyeahallison, suu, Dragorath, MinusMay, kadoaties, greyfever, thalia_kira, sebaskpo10, sebaskpo10, sebaskpo10, sebaskpo10, DuckyxD1, fierydogs, subzero, gypshe, fluffywampa, Enchanted, chunki_l, punkys, skwooshy, Kagali, polesiapart, Run3ll, Gia, kittyforeman, swordlilly, shofi_111, soapfanatic23s, Adrr10, Exyrea767, Kitsune, PedroPascal, Venzin, roseyfen, nofx__, aimee1308, foiegrasicecream, Anruiaki, SupremeNerd42, androidturret, atomtrade, arclique, control, aubreywk, shirok, flyflyjellyjelly, cmhawkins1709, willowfae, kuikuri, lonewoff, santamonicace, hidefromreality, kaede, bellayun, obedears, sowlv, CopperGoblin, Nikolai, sebaskpo10, singergalx3, bunnybunzz, Relucere, roxychalk, prin69, lizwisch89, brixxia, sweetchocolate, kaalaylee, lorlurin, sjj530, Brogan, baj2117, madior, ouzzow, RuxIsQueen, kate_454, ohitsjenny, neoneo_original, avalonsmage, Nuno, catluver456, taelia, MillieR, Kamal, VixenXO_, Nimmo, Tallyburger, lemoncandies, bunnyfir, m3gvirg0, candylandtheonomy, Mondsteinherz, justcallmebeee, suprememeep, invaderzimgrl777, Kime56, and Schokopfote more less

21 users want this item: easilyxamused, BlushieYawn, SamTS, bengrieve, meligarza, jakynar, theheroforce, Tikiara, nono_10_, sabri_gb35, Ailsa, superkat, demure, venabre, sftangliz, superman, Caffeinated, cheriipie, naexia, silverstorm300, and x_Amaranth more less


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