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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Antique Vase Foreground

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Your collection of antique vases is quite large! This was an NC prize for visiting the Altador from the Clouds during Altador Cup XVII.

Occupies: Lower Foreground Item

Restricts: None

224 users have this item up for trade: brittiekins, usukiland, Acario, hunneypot, Keeyla, neekko, Kleria, bruuxinha, ravencrow, Kagali, nauticaled96, Sereria, cat865, 006jazzy, juney9, toughduckette, Jack, paands, Oceahz, Sanibi, iluvtacos123, kolaar, zenheart, berzerkturtlez, miho_chan04, draculollie, linnea, ev0lutiv, bunnybroth, andres_1550, spookygirafke, Emylisis, slaphappytwirp, LostSoul, Ashleaux, unicornskull, jackolantern, Khager, electra38, laurendti, flameoftheunderworld, poofiebaby, pootlecat00, Sliced_Ramen, Jaded2222, Jaded2222, nub__king, vampire, chompchomp, cmhawkins1709, Nevadaka, currycurry, book_wyvern, zaxlin, chesheh, Zanzia, proverbialromance, roo, Skimp, Scribes77, bittersweet-apple, 06Lolo, estellebright, unejouissance, baj2117, Khager, brixxia, gothpandaa, sogno12, suprememeep, reinaran, brandiks2012, Yen, JennlovesNeo, pistonfists, charlieputh, dinahaby, Cherryade, wintersunboheme, wintersunboheme, candylandtheonomy, dewdropwood, crayolaa_skiess, Rascle, kulikowc, invaderzimgrl777, squirrelscout, butseriously, madior, PrinsesKiwii, truereason, faith_lovehope, skysky, bossycat1033, watchout92, stolenwolf, funckymonckey, Cassine, yellowflower7, Britt, nickedogawa, EddieRanger, Nakoe, chrisssy, suu, im_so_jaded16, engstrom1234, dependence, Eloain, Dragorath, Ringer, MinusMay, kadoaties, greyfever, skwooshy, cotton, NorthernStar, sebaskpo10, sebaskpo10, sebaskpo10, sebaskpo10, DuckyxD1, yurinc, yurinc, uber_, gypshe, gingerelleo, llmac4lifell, kaede, chunki_l, punkys, RuxIsQueen, prin69, deakzy, hidefromreality, Gia, Krejdar, lizwisch89, avalonsmage, Kageric, sweetie_purple16, shirok, jem_angel, sweetchocolate, hong_kong, Mamiknitcrochet, monsenuub, CopperGoblin, jenneh, xxx_whitewolf_xxx, Kamal, VixenXO_, capturedsecrets, Faded, PedroPascal, Brogan, elleh, darkonek, sandygirl2007, pfbabyz, KatsNC, KatsNC, KatsNC, KatsNC, eleanorronan, SupremeNerd42, Tallyburger, devsardines, soapfanatic23s, sharpiepwns, sebaskpo10, m_magic_girl, bunnyfir, androidturret, sjj530, taelia, itipeque, lorlurin, jotty346, Agnes, smilingxcat, Nuno, mabel_leaf, iame_o, kate_454, aimee1308, TaumikaM, dragondancer007, roseyfen, Kitsune, Doll, hillary890357, skro, arlyranna, Melody_lin, janeyherondale, dirtclown, Faded, Faded, _iina_, m3gvirg0, Potling, Suokami, justcallmebeee, Enchanted, werme123, ohitsjenny, gerrralddd, atomtrade, moon_hates_you, flashash10, Con, sowlv, mjcloset, avelaingia, Schokopfote, hellokristin, Venzin, the_mausoleum, sugarbugg, lancey_smiley, morgkitty, Cappuccino, and StarlightShimmering more less

3 users want this item: Joyeux, venabre, and Kimmi more less


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