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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Summer Glow Makeup

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

You spent all day at the beach playing in the water and basking in the sun, now you have such a wonderful summer glow to you!

Occupies: Glasses

Restricts: None

126 users have this item up for trade: halloweenhead, brittiekins, allworldpeace, avalonsmage, flopalop, bunnyfir, whizradio, imbitter, nikalee1, bellayun, easilyxamused, craziergusta1, sammysaccount, Ashtin, nauticaled96, blu, lovelies, gunkind, arebecca, aznable, usukiland, blumbot, Roum, hasee_girl, big_spider, chillywilly, Oceahz, starlightsong, xxlaurennxx, kaalaylee, linnea, Kaddy, sandygirl2007, hellokristin, Shadyhaven, sweetseastar, bilib, LostSoul, dewdropwood, flannelRaptors, roo, Rexcalibur, bunnithebunni, heathernel, Sezyvex, xxdonutoid, unejouissance, arlyranna, ohyeahallison, darcwhale, prin69, dirtclown, illegaltruffle, baiuki, kadoaties, crsawinton, shofi_111, araelle, 360spinfish, shirok, Slam DUde, Dino, CopperGoblin, aimee1308, toypuppies, elleh, frangypanny, terminal_frost, bug82498, Mommypoo82 , Kitsune, FoxyRobin, nofx__, m1ntyone, Megfly, Laura, kangaroos_luver, catarina_chan, RuxIsQueen, nickedogawa, evilduckeh, lonewoff, Nuno, amazingelle , EddieRanger, catluver456, ibeth602, invaderzimgrl777, kate_454, Zanzia, baj2117, madior, jeweledcallalily, lugal222, Krejdar, cheshirekittyxx, gypshe, game_of_thrones1, Tallyburger, lorratee, 01_baby_girl_, Kaydri, subzero, sugarbugg, sjj530, misssybenz, sowlv, frumpydumpy, heidiklutz, brixxia, singergalx3, kuikuri, KioLake, pink_gatomon, avelaingia, Kamal, Andykarusta, roseyfen, Purplebin, TaumikaM, Symmetra, Brogan, Schokopfote, iluvtacos123, Saoirse2020, and Saoirse2020 more less

40 users want this item: Sanibi, Hellohope20, rosey_posey_jenny, Syprae, ellenik, berly, gabberstagged, iinkedd, skwooshy, jakynar, theheroforce, tangerine_paws, JMcDine, Tikiara, sirendipity, mysteriousallure, yasmin_sb, Run3ll, Nocturnite, iame_o, vampireslayer142, bathpaint, mermaidlora, Irishminx, hartley03, gloom, jennibeans, venabre, flashash10, naexia, EasterBunny, Theonlywayisup, Seryndale, bellasinc, Crowprincess, dinahaby, atomicottomaton, becki622, lancey_smiley, and hunneypot more less


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