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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Treat Your Shelf Book

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Treat your self by visiting your book shelf! Indulge in your favourite book for a peaceful and relaxing day...

Occupies: Left-hand Item

Restricts: None

90 users have this item up for trade: madior, Fearless, heylyss, Chameow, kwhaley2000, Katie Kat, linnea, Enchanted, Calum, capturedsecrets, SamTS, nofx__, christylo, Zanzia, salesius, woahjulia, arishna, crafty, discohappytia, Ashtin, ravencrow, katiec86, FoxyRobin, iheartmeowy, Kagali, lovelies, Tamit, aouie, Slam DUde, Jennygpy, cosynes, xxx_whitewolf_xxx, Oceahz, lonewoff, chillywilly, Kaly, avelaingia, frangypanny, xxlaurennxx, skyfire, aelyn, ohitsjenny, hellokristin, itipeque, hasee_girl, forfun, sowlv, Shadyhaven, invaderzimgrl777, catz1, Mommypoo82 , andres_1550, lavenderbunny94, bunnyfir, winter_pony4, hartley03, Sunshynegirl, dancingjellyblumaroo, jenniferjonas, Kitsune, unejouissance, pistonfists, MarvelMom, mabel_leaf, estellebright, amsisk22, alooongtimeago, Nuno, Fancywork, ohyeahallison, 360spinfish, peircedchic1, lugal222, hunter4ever, Aeiki, Aeiki, wizoza60117, Relucere, kangaroos_luver, roseyfen, 01_baby_girl_, Brogan, starphirephire, Krejdar, ibeth602, Kittik3, potter, wintersunboheme, pixiezui, and oshichi more less

23 users want this item: kfc, Tikiara, pink_gatomon, roxychalk, Sanae, Vela, gabberstagged, sailorini_1, venabre, dobedobedo, Pastelcolour, skwooshy, tangerine_paws, snix_snix, prin69, Kimmi, sulfurbutterfly, Dollicate, Gia, kuikuri, demure, spookygirafke, and secretringbearer more less


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