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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Fluffy Relaxing Outfit

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Its like wearing a plush blanket. It doesnt get much more comfortable than this!

Occupies: Shirt/Dress

Restricts: None

116 users have this item up for trade: letitbe_lettie, madior, Fearless, CopperGoblin, jp0212, furyofhounds, eastcoastbabe, Enchanted, Calum, capturedsecrets, nofx__, Zanzia, so_called_chaos, strxwbxrry, salesius, 01_baby_girl_, SamTS, m_magic_girl, ravencrow, Sereria, kwhaley2000, the_mausoleum, iheartmeowy, Tamit, arebecca, aubreywk, jenocide, kittyforeman, estellebright, Phantom, squirrelscout, Happea, moon_hates_you, hidefromreality, Oceahz, Eizzel, lonewoff, chillywilly, Kaly, avelaingia, OopsAllBones, frangypanny, ohyeahallison, itipeque, Rukaisa, katiec86, yasmin_sb, dobedobedo, aelyn, kiruzawa_yui, dirtclown, sowlv, hellokristin, sweetseastar, invaderzimgrl777, androidturret, catz1, andres_1550, lavenderbunny94, bunnyfir, rotfljenn, Agnes, bilib, hartley03, Sunshynegirl, Gia, vampire, subzero, jenniferjonas, Kitsune, frumpydumpy, pistonfists, MarvelMom, RuxIsQueen, alooongtimeago, Nuno, PrinsesKiwii, Zelda, sweetie_purple16, Fancywork, 360spinfish, peircedchic1, lugal222, Reeves, skysky, Destiny_Sphinx, Mondsteinherz, Relucere, alissy123, LostSoul, Jazzy011, roseyfen, Ashleaux, _iina_, TaumikaM, starphirephire, Venzin, lizwisch89, furevre, kangaroos_luver, Manggaetteok, giovaniellc2, Kagali, skidsy, catarina_chan, Ringer, potter, Cappuccino, anjelica23, soapfanatic23s, MillieR, wintersunboheme, skyfire, catluver456, oshichi, and roo more less

1 user wants this item: fizzacyst more less


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