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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Dyeworks White: Graveyard Fog

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

This simple rolling fog allows ghosts from beyond the grave to pass through without notice... This NC item was obtained through Dyeworks.

Occupies: Lower Foreground Item

Restricts: None

84 users have this item up for trade: wifeybartee, eceltic, just_a_girl95, pink_gatomon, spendmylove, shami_209, kalsagnia, frumpydumpy, Oceahz, lais_lavigne, Cookies, marzipanmeringue, phoelia, bwiblitz, Katie Kat, winterdreary, Madeline, _moonwaterangel_, neojenna, mjcloset, squirrelscout, lally199, theoceanempress, l3g3ndarynikki, Enchanted, capturedsecrets, Roum, noamie_lee, sophmonte, Sunshynegirl, jusushike, flanngo, evilduckeh, fleana, furyofhounds, tran393, dancingjellyblumaroo, Antony, foiegrasicecream, greyfever, mooonpoool, hamdinger7, Thatsmycloset, Kime56, medinaariana, fairytail, And why is this, kadoaties, sweetie_purple16, palegold, Zerobeat36, madior, 360spinfish, gotarcticfoxy, andres_1550, roseyfen, sara_spunk, nathalie1202, polajess, mom2chis, TaumikaM, shofi_111, bookbabe2011, lizwisch89, kate_454, estellebright, control, calliefai, katiec86, roo, kaede, _cabby, sketchyfood, chillywilly, gerrralddd, bunnyfir, lugal222, catarina_chan, sjj530, Aplowd, flameoftheunderworld, Sereria, iluvtacos123, and shininglasers more less

58 users want this item: Dollicate, Dollicate, kccap, sirendipity, froguin97, Jack, oshichi, oshichi, plushiejake, janeyherondale, l0vene0, potter, ellenik, Nocturnite, baj2117, Irishminx, Symmetra, acwellen, hongdae, threakth, clouds03, Kamal, tigertiger, thatgirldownstairs, Aicheewee, sakura19, BlushieYawn, acwellen, Amanda9, Parth, Megham, sebaskpo10, bananabunny, Gabbi, kuikuri, anonymaus, anonymaus, anonymaus, Phantom, polajess, Feline, tinyzuko, Kris10K, sftangliz, Pandora, chausiku, chompchomp, lemonwashingupliquid, Riu, secretringbearer, aurorapearl, forgottenbirthdays, fizzacyst, sealion404, lancey_smiley, sailorini_1, hartley03, and venabre more less


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