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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Spooky Stitches Markings

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

They say sewing mends the soul, guess it also mends the body too!

Occupies: Markings, Markings

Restricts: None

81 users have this item up for trade: RuxIsQueen, dreadsusan, Oceahz, rainingaliens, Anruiaki, asunari, wildberry120, SamTS, wifeybartee, chillywilly, threakth, Relucere, sencha, flanngo, kurrinaniemi, sweetchocolate, undeadsissy, bongo_58, pistxl, abookthief, Thatsmycloset, sowlv, nofx__, Astra, estellebright, _cabby, pootlecat00, ocean_dweller_, Shadyhaven, layces, snomrights, pink_gatomon, sopdoggo, Rexcalibur, skwooshy, ello, SupremeNerd42, kate_454, hectic_haley, Mondsteinherz, CopperGoblin, ibeth602, sweetseastar, heyjupiter, myrmidon_mamori, hujyt_8_8, avalonsmage, avalonsmage, thecheesey, daniellepaw, vvild_iris, bwilson512, esraeh, EddieRanger, the_mausoleum, roo, tortillua, Rascle, iowayshay, memi, imbitter, mom2chis, chesheh, sugarbugg, furyofhounds, Nakoe, potter, dawsonlynn, Sereria, bunnyfir, flameoftheunderworld, brandiks2012, lugal222, TaumikaM, ohyeahallison, virgo4554, Emmatjuh, roseyfen, Saoirse2020, fleana, and JMcDine more less

29 users want this item: kaylawuvsnc, oshichi, Davi, dependence, Seryndale, taah_23, Kouji, hongdae, jakynar, dobedobedo, anonymaus, anonymaus, Dollicate, OopsAllBones, danielle_the_uk_girl, rubywhatashmoo, PirateMermaid, Merengue, NatalieGraham, iloveyou637, Run3ll, forgottenbirthdays, naexia, xhxixdxdxexnx, chausiku, snix_snix, sailorini_1, sketch, and venabre more less


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