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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Strobe Light Filter

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Great filter to use in a flash! WARNING: This filters flashing may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy.

Occupies: Foreground

Restricts: None

113 users have this item up for trade: Emmatjuh, Rexcalibur, woof456, lais_lavigne, SamTS, soapfanatic23s, disnota, Kristi_grrrl, Tweek29, gymbrat2010, minnie240, venabre, PunkinPia, danandtomsluva, Elexia, _cabby, RuxIsQueen, mooonpoool, meggie_123, Nevadaka, dreadsusan, Steffindor, JMcDine, crafty, kwhaley2000, Spabl, pootlecat00, wifeybartee, chiaokeli, chillywilly, astrobae, hellokristin, psychology, plushiejake, roseyfen, roseyfen, Mem, vampire, chrisssy, marinabmilford, itemsnot_for_trade28, sencha, peircedchic1, kittyloveshim, Sailorneopia, sweetchocolate, undeadsissy, esraeh, bongo_58, aelyn, Thatsmycloset, sowlv, nofx__, elhiwe, _eheia, estellebright, liverawr, avelaingia, chronoshock, Tobio, sallynicol, layces, shady, sopdoggo, artisticrainbow, arishna, SupremeNerd42, fluffywampa, kate_454, prin69, aevari, flameoftheunderworld, sweetseastar, heyjupiter, myrmidon_mamori, hujyt_8_8, ocean_dweller_, kate_454, daniellepaw, Aicheewee, bwilson512, EddieRanger, pink_gatomon, dirtclown, hummingbird_wish, roo, Rascle, beachy_boots, catz1, memi, imbitter, wader50, the_mausoleum, zeniththeblack, Nakoe, potter, Sereria, andres_1550, bunnyfir, brandiks2012, lugal222, Mamiknitcrochet, TaumikaM, ohyeahallison, wiildflowerr_, subzero, polajess, katiec86, virgo4554, Saoirse2020, elleh, fleana, and maxodrama more less

24 users want this item: Rosemmary, Rosemmary, Rosemmary, Rosemmary, mxchellerxe, Sanae, Russ, nub__king, oshichi, Rachelhi, Nocturnite, luckygirl176, sebaskpo10, anonymaus, anonymaus, anonymaus, anonymaus, anonymaus, fizzacyst, Faeriedoll, gabberstagged, forgottenbirthdays, naexia, and usukiland more less


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