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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Birthday Kawaii Contacts

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

These cute contacts are sure to catch anyones attention!

Occupies: Glasses

Restricts: None

108 users have this item up for trade: nofx__, Americanblondegurl, eikourei, raelien, Luvreito, darii_x3, Relucere, Shadegloom, bellayun, Darkdragon4x4, Exyrea767, BroganTonge, water_faerie377, nannari, camimclain, subzero, snomrights, RuxIsQueen, Run3ll, calliefai, GhoulScout, heyjupiter, dianacpv3, rinzombie, sogno12, Brogan, rainbowtoesocks, dinahaby, wolffange1626, Temesta, hellokristin, 06Lolo, ri-bread, caliikid, tangey_zumi, polkadot89, shininglasers, thorilliere, minmo, Meisuna, invaderzimgrl777, hummingbird_wish, estellebright, sara_spunk, jewellbeetle, madyson, aevari, zeniththeblack, Juzefa, xmysticalangelzx, Thatsmycloset, calliefai, lizwisch89, _cabby, Iona, Agnes, shirok, bwilson512, artisticrainbow, SchuShaw, roseyfen, silverstorm300, giovaniellc2, diabolic_joe, _kureaa_, konti___x, pink_gatomon, Wisterial, amylotti, elizvbith, roxmatica, Kitsune, Rexcalibur, ForeverSoaring, kate_454, ohyeahallison, VixenXO_, fleana, potter, katiec86, Schokopfote, danandtomsluva, rosesn, polajess, misssybenz, uzu_kitsunesuki, Wisterial, CopperGoblin, lugal222, TaumikaM, sugarbugg, Tallyburger, sopdoggo, iloveyou637, hectic_haley, cbl93, thecheesey, the_mausoleum, lally199, frumpydumpy, shofi_111, nils, 2006artur2006, myrmidon_mamori, TheBananasaurus, bunnyfir, Faeriedoll, and bradiblue27 more less

24 users want this item: chompchomp, sieskitty9, Carolinadaf, mermaidlora, heartbreaker, Caffeinated, Dino, pixiezui, rosebutt, lightsfalling, Shadyhaven, just_a_girl95, mjcloset, purplemilanda, jp0212, coralina, Doll, mabel_leaf, squirrelscout, NatalieGraham, becki622, moon_hates_you, eisvogelgirl, and yellowflower7 more less


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