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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Dyeworks Purple: Holiday Light Contacts

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

How enchanting! These contacts looks as if theyre made up of tiny twinkling lights. This NC item was obtained through Dyeworks.

Occupies: Glasses

Restricts: None

172 users have this item up for trade: hayliedaylie, fippinator, woof456, witch_isis, matsukty, chunki_l, HopefulAlien, linnea, clorew, sophliza911, gymbrat2010, noamieÈ_lee, Katie Kat, sizanix, PunkinPia, dafrozen, Illiebelle, scaramousshe, nerkmidcharm, elhad24, misssybenz, Smoochypoo, elifaria, Antony, Elexia, fairline, merandawg, Coloorida, fleurbic, jack_de_sally, spoofysocks, Venzin, lemoncandies, Oceahz, marzipanmeringue, electra38, just_a_girl95, Mommypoo82 , asunari, hellokristin, alixzandreea, wildberry120, Quest_faerie_blossom, big_spider, mmj1990, Naon, l3g3ndarynikki, Enchanted, noamie_lee, sencha, linspancake, Cookies, Becki3206, flameoftheunderworld, sophmonte, pistxl, Sunshynegirl, kurrinaniemi, yurinc, ichigoaway, ember-soul, thecheesey, Mem, Tobio, Exyrea767, andres_1550, hujyt_8_8, the_mausoleum, mewnicorn, vampiregoddessalex, Krejdar, gotarcticfoxy, Lunatic, elhiwe, ghostly_galaxy, secretringbearer, myrmidon_mamori, TaumikaM, subzero, sarah76701, usukiland, jenocide, meggie_123, itemsnot_for_trade28, chillywilly, Rosemarie, lizwisch89, Liato, Eizzel, bunnybroth, ohitsjenny, sara_spunk, aeallen, ello, kuikuri, tpel, Tallyburger, mjcloset, aevari, hummingbird_wish, maxodrama, lyxi, blue_star03701, sunburnt, roosewald, kate_454, miss_lauren1, Rexcalibur, thelushescape, crafty, abookthief, ashcash, aubreywk, mabel_leaf, diabolic_joe, wifeybartee, fluffywampa, polajess, snomrights, polkadot89, DuckyxD1, sweetchocolate, NutellaOnNewts, potter, chanty, unejouissance, zeusbobcat, roeccoco, zeniththeblack, NorthernStar, Braindamaged19 , kadoaties, mooonpoool, 06Lolo, Sezyvex, michaelayvonne, ankmatheus, Merengue, ohyeahallison, caliikid, Sinsi, Stelephant, _cabby, sweeteas, crsawinton, memi, shofi_111, bunnyfir, fairytail, Gia, bradiblue27, elleh, bittersweet-apple, echobabygirl, lugal222, katiec86, CathCaldas, niharika, roseyfen, mandakitty12, giovaniellc2, udubgirl2012, evilduckeh, dobedobedo, Thatsmycloset, estellebright, skyfire, rainingaliens, eikourei, nofx__, rosesn, and tschnexo more less

22 users want this item: sulfurbutterfly, Carolinadaf, Secre, corn_pops2002, bossycat1033, chippypink87, starrynightsky13, mermaidmarie, veracity, lil_angel1327, fireangel, spookygirafke, venabre, Kimmi, oreo2494, StarlightShimmering, Namorita, darkinvader1981, Michelle, forgottenbirthdays, Picksy95, and Riu more less


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