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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Dyeworks Antique: Fireplace Zen Background

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

This is just the place to chill out and relax out of the sun this summer! This NC item was obtained through Dyeworks.

Occupies: Background

Restricts: None

108 users have this item up for trade: heathernel, Mommypoo82 , katjeamur, Relucere, karuness, Enchanted, Katie Kat, furyofhounds, IzayaOrihara, Becki3206, mxchellerxe, Shadyhaven, Rexcalibur, linnea, arlyranna, jewellbeetle, kurrinaniemi, sweeteas, trailerpark_princess, thecheesey, Mem, Mamiknitcrochet, Tobio, Exyrea767, NorthernStar, hujyt_8_8, the_mausoleum, cbl93, elhiwe, jenocide, misssybenz, hikawa_alchemy, Metatron432, chillywilly, danandtomsluva, gmbnie, dancingjellyblumaroo, Liato, nauticaled96, chaos_7_panic, Eizzel, bunnybroth, chrissyfromla, fippinator, tpel, femmesfatal, tangey_zumi, Antony, unejouissance, rpgangel, mandakitty12, flannelRaptors, Nefarity, wheresmysupersuit, NutellaOnNewts, prin69, butseriously, hopefordreamz, Chimiusa, kate_454, thelushescape, _iina_, cujocookie, NutellaOnNewts, katiec86, skittlesandunicorns, zeusbobcat, kaede, MissTails, fluffystormycloud, bwilson512, avelaingia, polajess, vesuvius_410, chantluigi, JPlankster, Emmatjuh, hamdinger7, caliikid, ohyeahallison, mom2chis, itipeque, 360spinfish, Mawaii, _cabby, catarina_chan, gingerelleo, kaszius, fairline, bunnyfir, bradiblue27, Eri, elleh, bittersweet-apple, Sezyvex, lugal222, amylotti, roseyfen, udubgirl2012, hrbfbi, evilduckeh, dobedobedo, m1ntyone, shady, estellebright, skyfire, coralhibiscus34, and sunburnt more less

16 users want this item: noamieÈ_lee, fireangel, noamie_lee, moon_hates_you, jennibeans, yasmin_sb, pootlecat00, Faeriedoll, hartley03, Picksy95, aouni, Michelle, sulfurbutterfly, forgottenbirthdays, aviagua, and morgkitty more less


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