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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Reflective Icy Magical Puddle

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Add a magic puddle to ANY scene! Because sometimes a mysterious portal-like body of water is just what you need.

Occupies: Background Item

Restricts: None

127 users have this item up for trade: fluffystormycloud, CopperGoblin, folkearth, hall_e_dti, Sunshynegirl, lemoncandies, wildberry120, seungyung_yoo, bradiblue27, hopefordreamz, frumpydumpy, hamdinger7, Madeline, just_a_girl95, hujyt_8_8, chillywilly, hellotates, karuness, PedroPascal, heathernel, DalmatianFreak816, crsawinton, prin69, kikitori, blumbot, oceanrainbows, i_lace, danandtomsluva, cbl93, lally199, cazzie, katet95, sizanix, azurill65, cassiopea566, bbblue_eagle, Shadyhaven, chiaokeli, chronoshock, Manggaetteok, Grey, hellokristin, roxmatica, diabolic_joe, Amanda Buck, presentation_michael, lilmoobot, katiec86, kate_454, sweeteas, grossygladi, roosewald, flyflyjellyjelly, im_so_jaded16, dreamsinamist, aseleth, woof456, taelia, kuehne, potter, shofi_111, lfbranda, Exyrea767, wifeybartee, roseyfen, shininglasers, Lira_Soares, skwooshy, hillary890357, TaumikaM, arlyranna, _friday_13th_, pink_gatomon, asunari, alixzandreea, aevari, Ardeney, tran393, zeusbobcat, xmysticalangelzx, noamie_lee, abookthief, Krejdar, aemarsh, myrmidon_mamori, Zanzia, marzipanmeringue, 2006artur2006, shady, aemarsh, kuikuri, DuckyxD1, ichigoaway, fluffywampa, ohyeahallison, Bernardo Sampaio, SnowyUmbrella, Nekow0, roxychalk, spoofysocks, snuggle_33, meggie_123, Thatsmycloset, frileuxfirefly, hadafrutilla, calliefai, chrisssy, sencha, usukiland, neozack, nauticaled96, _moonwaterangel_, thecheesey, catz1, polkadot89, misssybenz, crashbandicoot, lugal222, ibeth602, the_mausoleum, Kime56, rainingaliens, sunburnt, bunnyfir, danielle_the_uk_girl, fleana, and phoelia more less

22 users want this item: so_called_chaos, willowfae, Tikiara, sulfurbutterfly, aouni, icetee35121, jotty346, Smorty, neareida, Fearless, kuikuri, venabre, GomaSama, beachy_boots, Irishminx, Nocturnite, tangerine_paws, charlieputh, Relucere, Roseyflower, greyfever, and zenheart more less


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