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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Dyeworks Yellow: Cascading Roses

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Decorative, and if you hang around these enough, then it works as a good substitute for perfume! This NC item was obtained through Dyeworks.

Occupies: Background Item

Restricts: None

156 users have this item up for trade: fairline, Lunisfaerie, Katie Kat, Ani, spd, sophliza911, Chimiusa, chantluigi, LostSoul, _cabby, Nitibus, hamdinger7, 123lifr, Fearless, ouzzow, aeryia, Cricketgoddess179, fleana, fleana, potential_ruler, squirrelscout, EddieRanger, And why is this, memi, Antony, ello, dreamsinamist, mahinawai, Symmetra, secretringbearer, heartbreaker, muffinpuff64, Oceahz, aimee1308, x_niko, Heychief, sieskitty9, lovelies, rainingaliens, linnea, star400040, bradiblue27, furevre, sketchyfood, chronoshock, Gia, sencha, ForeverSoaring, rhianafaeriedoll, tangey_zumi, dragondancer007, Exyrea767, avelaingia, linspancake, kaiya_renee, currycurry, Ardeney, nofx__, FoxyRobin, ichigoaway, felinegurl, 06Lolo, Rukaisa, JMcDine, udubgirl2012, NorthernStar, Agnes, giovaniellc2, CopperGoblin, mewnicorn, Abandinus, butseriously, hillary890357, liverawr, froguin97, ohyeahallison, posternutbag, cabar20, bongo_58, Braindamaged19 , jhouna, crayolaa_skiess, JPlankster, okaymeow, Sunshynegirl, gsyx93, Mem, control, Sezyvex, l3g3ndarynikki, polajess, yopojoe, nspolaris, chillywilly, aeolistic, roxychalk, sunburnt, sunburnt, wildberry120, gotarcticfoxy, chrisssy, Krejdar, katiejl, Beautifulplans, soapfanatic23s, feuillys, o0smooh0o, heylyss, Manggaetteok, lights, abookthief, missblaney, katiec86, sugarbugg, fluffystormycloud, Sienna;, mooonpoool, sencha, book_wyvern, misssybenz, aevari, Nenia, m_magic_girl, catzrule, lugal222, lil_angel1327, itemsnot_for_trade28, flanngo, Emylisis, kikitori, pistxl, wifeybartee, Clairyfairie, chaos_7_panic, danandtomsluva, Kamal, starryskye, capturedsecrets, Mondsteinherz, cassiopea566, kate_454, prin69, octanis, shami_209, crashbandicoot, mjcloset, nauticaled96, Nefarity, zeusbobcat, Emmatjuh, karuness, Thatsmycloset, roosewald, chanty, bartlelina, and Raykuku more less

17 users want this item: draik_bianca, 2008nina2009, kccap, spookygirafke, spookygirafke, sulfurbutterfly, noamie_lee, _javier_30_2, BambiXS, hartley03, mayabelle, jasilin, liuvro, kynre, venabre, yellowflower7, and jotty346 more less


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