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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Dyeworks Black: Victorian Updo

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Elegant and chic! This NC item was obtained through Dyeworks.

Occupies: Hat

Restricts: Hair Front

122 users have this item up for trade: fairline, madyson, Jessyspets, dancingjellyblumaroo, Raykuku, And why is this, game_of_thrones1, darii_x3, SnowyUmbrella, potential_ruler, labrad0r, ingzy, Katie Kat, memi, Antony, dreamsinamist, frumpydumpy, Symmetra, Kurabelle, ello, Oceahz, nell_nerhegeb, x_niko, wiither, lovelies, rainingaliens, Angiescissorhands, linnea, flameoftheunderworld, nerkmidcharm, noamie_lee, dragondancer007, nofx__, kaze-kun, 2006artur2006, hellotates, kikitori, linspancake, just_a_girl95, Exyrea767, Shannonon, Shannonon, elhiwe, hanlb, Silvergurll, alixzandreea, FoxyRobin, ichigoaway, chesheh, bradiblue27, JMcDine, hamdinger7, W0ozle, becky635, sophmonte, Alohabunnies, CopperGoblin, Stelephant, ohyeahallison, hidefromreality, Sunshynegirl, flowerspirit, gsyx93, control, andres_1550, chillywilly, melieworm, feuillys, udubgirl2012, hopefordreamz, skwooshy, butseriously, polajess, kaatyyx, shofi_111, lizwisch89, amber_hart77, abookthief, Gia, missblaney, Mommypoo82 , posternutbag, pfbabyz, katiec86, gymbrat2010, arishna, cherry_25, sencha, Krejdar, Carolinadaf, m_magic_girl, phoelia, _cabby, lugal222, itemsnot_for_trade28, Tikiara, hellokittyx, silvacat24, lights, pistxl, rpgangel, octanis, woof456, wifeybartee, l3g3ndarynikki, Kamal, danandtomsluva, amaranthya, Temesta, chaos_7_panic, cbl93, cassiopea566, moon_hates_you, prin69, zeusbobcat, Emmatjuh, karuness, Thatsmycloset, roosewald, lil_angel1327, spoofysocks, and sweeteas more less

23 users want this item: nub__king, chippypink87, sulfurbutterfly, jlpearcy1010, BambiXS, Mondsteinherz, hartley03, hartley03, hartley03, hartley03, hartley03, mayabelle, 1472568963, kynre, squirrelscout, twiddle58, pink_gatomon, Amanda9, Feline, painted_dreams87, oreo2494, draculaura, and xmysticalangelzx more less


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