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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Faeries Hope On the Go

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Trying to collect enough red jellies to get Varia powered up? Yup. Same.

Occupies: Left-hand Item

Restricts: None

191 users have this item up for trade: Jennygpy, TellyAmor, hellotates, Saoirse2020, Motivated2live, PedroPascal, solace, Starrfairy, crafty, Calypsoid, linnea, clorew, Rexcalibur, Carolinadaf, gymbrat2010, absolutecorona, wishstarr, karinathemermaid, lovinkitkats, nerkmidcharm, frangypanny, vampiregoddessalex, Blahk, enwhyyou, hamdinger7, polesiapart, trineleader, silvernoon, Lunisfaerie, Noodle, sophliza911, theknight, egparent09, Sorian, taelia, lunchisamazing, thecheesey, momokarinyo, sftangliz, roosewald, Silvergurll, froguin97, OzarksUFT, pootlecat00, Just_save_it, Kris10K, kittykitty800, mxchellerxe, BambiXS, potential_ruler, Potling, jynxnyx, fairline, voltarr, iximattel, cykoking, theoceanempress, _ahre_, beccause, chillywilly, andres_1550, Sunshynegirl, sunburnt, kaszius, W0ozle, dianaplush, sternschnuppen_fee, katet95, tangey_zumi, coppens, dewdropwood, alixzandreea, Ringer, cheer_bear_2005, kaze-kun, maxodrama, m_magic_girl, sarah76701, mooonpoool, licia888, Thatsmycloset, crittycatt, xxlaurennxx, kate_454, trailerpark_princess, Slam DUde, bongo_58, anniypanniy, soapfanatic23s, shady, corgigirl, just_a_girl95, leticiahpj, roseyfen, star400040, Kamal, Manggaetteok, fierydogs, chaos_7_panic, muffinpuff64, puppys312, Nitibus, aribear, prin69, seasofstarlight, lavenderbunny94, Cavalcade117, usukiland, phoelia, furevre, Candie, Katanachi, pfbabyz, dourness, tifabee, vampire, ichigoaway, acegirl906, bawlynn, Mommypoo82 , NorthernStar, jewellbeetle, RuxIsQueen, aimee1308, hellokristin, heylyss, sizanix, Jaded2222, hidefromreality, squirrelscout, _eheia, virgo4554, dalilllion100, Riu, Mondsteinherz, polajess, greyfever, itemsnot_for_trade28, jhouna, Tamillyan, muuah, IzayaOrihara, arebecca, undeadsissy, lilmoobot, lugal222, felinegurl, peper0, hall_e_dti, Kaly, 123lifr, danandtomsluva, potter, vanillah, Destiny_Sphinx, Raykuku, marzipanmeringue, spacemath42, TaumikaM, giovaniellc2, Kime56, peircedchic1, fluffystormycloud, starryskye, mandakitty12, witch_isis, reiyce, spukl1, Sienna;, eunoiad, dzalph, Torivilla, rainingaliens, karablue15, diabolic_joe, Purplebin, mama357, bunnyfir, Karnallure, skyfire, wintersunboheme, shami_209, Exyrea767, roxychalk, udubgirl2012, kikitori, hunter4ever, bodhikels, control, asunari, and KitsuneDuste more less

3 users want this item: lizwisch89, zoodely, and Minna more less


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