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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


The Call of the Walein Horn

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Oh look! This horn must have attracted these adorable Waleins!

Occupies: Background Item, Lower Foreground Item

Restricts: None

121 users have this item up for trade: Jennygpy, ahsssssss, Rayzieka, charlieputh, chunki_l, linnea, kittenpix, clorew, dhanifan, gymbrat2010, evil_flying_unicorns, aemarsh, Silvergurll, avonmom, Dorkishconspiracy, asunari, nerkmidcharm, Jack, just_a_girl95, theroyalhunts, Blahk, galaxi, polesiapart, cyborgninjalol, silvernoon, UmbrellasAndRoses, everyway, katet95, Katanachi, roosewald, diabao, cabar20, piculim, pootlecat00, sailorkkrypton, _showjumper, iximattel, uzu_kitsunesuki, mxchellerxe, 646_namb, jynxnyx, Kris10K, cykoking, spd, theoceanempress, roseyfen, chillywilly, Sunshynegirl, RuxIsQueen, sunburnt, sternschnuppen_fee, Calum, Suokami, CalicoTigers, alixzandreea, crafty, maxodrama, SupremeNerd42, SupremeNerd42, sarah76701, Thatsmycloset, zeniththeblack, xxlaurennxx, kate_454, Slam DUde, eleanorronan, anniypanniy, crittycatt, leticiahpj, star400040, chaos_7_panic, muffinpuff64, sweetchocolate, Nitibus, seasofstarlight, Cavalcade117, furevre, dourness, crsawinton, tifabee, Raykuku, vampire, acegirl906, bawlynn, dalilllion100, hellokristin, catz1, frileuxfirefly, sizanix, hidefromreality, _eheia, hummingbird_wish, greyfever, itemsnot_for_trade28, undeadsissy, lugal222, peper0, vampiregoddessalex, potter, squirrelscout, marzipanmeringue, lil_angel1327, spacemath42, TaumikaM, tran393, Ringer, hamdinger7, Torivilla, wifeybartee, rainingaliens, ibeth602, ohyeahallison, bunnyfir, skyfire, wintersunboheme, cassiopea566, clara_taela, Saoirse2020, control, spoofysocks, and bunnerina more less

10 users want this item: Lyres, mmj1990, noamieÈ_lee, ello, Exyrea767, eastcoastbabe, corn_pops2002, hunneypot, Faeriedoll, and _appelsientje_ more less


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