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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Varia Plushie Handheld

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Now you can take Varia with you everywhere you go, but in cute plush-form!

Occupies: Right-hand Item

Restricts: None

201 users have this item up for trade: sencha, cabar20, crafty, mmj1990, unbridledbravery, chillywilly, mahinawai, zaccely, cherry_25, cherry_25, ariesrulez, frangypanny, ixiholic, jojoliu, Zanzia, ourampsgoto11, justcallmebeee, Antony, avonmom, another, monsenuub, caek, aemarsh, Saoirse2020, Classification_Q, moonshimmer18, Rukaisa, evil_flying_unicorns, kalsagnia, fluffystormycloud, Oceahz, Illiebelle, arebecca, just_a_girl95, Dorkishconspiracy, wasubbe10_2, hectic_haley, watchout21, nspolaris, galaxi, Agpizzle, Thaurneth, painted_dreams87, Quest_faerie_blossom, GomaSama, c h a r l i e, isabellawy, katet95, theroyalhunts, nowthy, Kime56, 06Lolo, sweetseastar, almino80, toki, dirtsje, Mommypoo82 , _eternal_moon, ahsssssss, nymerosmartell, kittenpix, neogrl, elifaria, labrad0r, herdrix, Kiratastic, capturedsecrets, Alohabunnies, carolsoma, Themisfitm, kwhaley2000, purple_lollipop117, Sbo, bebelee73, lilmoobot, daranable, Jack, Ringer, greyfever, Carolinadaf, Katanachi, linnea, trineleader, heylyss, Silvergurll, Silvergurll, uncannykaija, Emmatjuh, m1ntyone, thejhart, Faded, sternschnuppen_fee, calapop, sandygirl2007, xenogeek2, gymbrat2010, wishstarr, asunari, nerkmidcharm, mizu_sky, Blahk, enwhyyou, hamdinger7, Flybe, noamie_lee, Sahmona, silvernoon, UmbrellasAndRoses, Rexcalibur, elhad24, thecheesey, sftangliz, ingzy, roosewald, Sorian, Brogan, diabao, OzarksUFT, Venzin, pootlecat00, hujyt_8_8, Midnite, potential_ruler, 646_namb, jynxnyx, Lunisfaerie, cykoking, Relucere, cursedhero, madyson, Sunshynegirl, RuxIsQueen, sunburnt, TaumikaM, W0ozle, W0ozle, coppens, cheer_bear_2005, Jazzy011, maxodrama, SupremeNerd42, xxlaurennxx, kate_454, Slam DUde, crittycatt, mas_cotita, tran393, roseyfen, Kamal, Manggaetteok, fierydogs, ocean_dweller_, muffinpuff64, crashbandicoot, prin69, phoelia, lavenderbunny94, Cavalcade117, usukiland, NorthernStar, furevre, pfbabyz, vampire, ichigoaway, acegirl906, VixenXO_, aimee1308, hellokristin, hikawa_alchemy, lizwisch89, charlieputh, imbitter, Mondsteinherz, Tamillyan, aouie, bellayun, lugal222, peper0, vampiregoddessalex, danandtomsluva, potter, giovaniellc2, mandakitty12, kabent, reiyce, Fearless, wifeybartee, Raykuku, rainingaliens, shady, ibeth602, dianacpv3, misssybenz, ohyeahallison, bunnyfir, skyfire, frileuxfirefly, hunter4ever, control, spoofysocks, and KitsuneDuste more less

1 user wants this item: ForeverSoaring more less


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