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~ 00. Read ~

{ I use /~Clara as reference, but I'll look at all under/over offers! }

Dyeworks If it is on the HTPW, probably is not UFT. I can lend you for a GBC depending on the item.

HTPW Most of these items I'm really picky, but not impossible. I can reject fair offers or WL offers for items on this list but I won't bite, so you can offer even if it isnt on my WL.

Regular UFT I'm not picky, I can do a 2:1 trade or something like that. I'd love GBCs or cute foregrounds, I'm kinda picky with some.

+2:1 / Not picky Buyable backgrounds/foregrounds, new ones are lovely 1:1 is fine, I love wigs, dresses, male clothing

Site TL Kinda picky with a few things, mostly BGs, but I'm open to any offer C:

Wishlist If there's anything you like and it's not in my WL just mail me with your TL! (TL > WL) I like GBCs, backgrounds e foregrounds.

This list is empty.

~ 03. +2:1 / Not picky ~

~ 05. Gifts ~

These ain't definitely UFT!

Thank you so much for each gift, I really appreciate that!

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~ 01. Wishlist ~

AC Passes
Cookies - Quests
Cookies - Archives

High value items Mostly not looking for these, even if I think they amazing. They can be listed as dreams. But highly interested in any DW from them.

Dyeworks If a item listed down here can be dyed I'd love to have it anyway, any color! It's very important that you don't feel like I'd not want your item if it's dyed. I can even want it more!

No number I've a preview costume but not necessary

11 Not necessary, really cute but I don't know where use it

55 I've a preview costume in mind

This list is empty.
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