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NC Closet Items

These are my closet items - I use them either frequently/on a regular basis or they are part of permanent customizations. The SS08 bg might be uft for great offers but that's it. Many of these items I went through a lot of trouble to get and I am very attached to them.

I currently am looking for a few more gallery NC items. If you have this UFT, please neomail me to see what we can work out! It was very HTPW and I would like to replace it.

Other than that I do not have a NC wishlist at the moment. For my np wishlist (besides alabriss wings), please see /~Eeri#five

The huge list at the bottom is my np wearables. These are here mostly for my own reference

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NC Trade

UFT (plus possibly corridor 317b for great offers) Some of these items are on boxless sides. Yes, I know a lot of them are buyable. Seeking: GBCs, or dresses, bgs, etc to customize my chocolate draik with. Also maybe seeking Angry Mob bg

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PB Clothes Main

Main Account PB Clothes Currently not using: Plushie Aisha Collar, Mutant Aisha Collar, Aisha Collar, Starry Usul Set

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Side Account PB Clothes

These are PB Clothes on my side accounts. The Desert Aisha Clothes, Robot Krawk Casings, Usukiboy clothes, IQ clothes, and the Halloween Lupe Clothes are the only ones that are NOT spare. The desert draik is uft with his clothes. They don't come separately.

Beneath this List are my NP Wearables

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