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Karion WL

Things I still need for Karion's customization.

This list is empty.

Kujol WL

Items I need for the customization of Kujol.

this list may contain two different sets of items, one that goes with a Water draik and one that goes with her current pirate customization. There should be an image at /~Zanoxa that details what I need for each. This list is empty.

NC Wishlist-Nonpriority

these are things I want for future customizations but I have no pets for currently, or are just not high on the list of things I want.

Dystopian BG, Sloths future fashion, Star cluster wig are for tweaking Yyusei's customization.
Dark vine makeup, Happy New Year Clock Tower BG, Ghostly Web garland, Ruffles and Rivets jacket and (maybe?) Galactic traveller wig are for a Kakyoin-themed pet, probably a PASTEL DRAIK. I have no pastel draik nor do I want to make any of my current Draiks pastel, so this is not priority at all until I get one. This list is empty.
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