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Closet Items


These are some of the items that I use for certain customization. I DO trade a lot of these, esp. for higher priority items :) Some which I am VERY attached to, however, you can still neomail and see if I am willing to make a trade!

Item marked 50 means that they are hard to part with. Items marked 99 means that they are VHTPW as they are popular highlights and hard to find! This list is empty.

Successful Trades

These items are usually not UFT, but if you believe that you have an amazing offer, feel free to ask! Thank you so much to the neopian(s) who have been willing to make a trade with me,

you are forever in my heart :)

Especially the NUTCRACKER FACE PAINT - thank you so much x_s0lar_flar3_x!!!

Thank you so much purplecreamy16 for NY in FL background

This list is empty.

Try Me

I am willing to trade my absolutely favorite closet items for first priority wishes marked 99. These items are usually not UFT, but feel free to try! :)

***Those marked 99 or above are VHTPW This list is empty.

Up For Trade

Cap values don't REALLY matter to me; just as long as I like it enough to trade :) Please feel free to neomail me, so we can have a great time trading!

This list is empty.

Items SweetTime wants

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1st Priority (highest)

Items I desperately want!!!

Items MARKED 2 means that I may already have the item, but want more of them :)

The higher the number, the MORE I want it :)

Buyables are what I am actively seeking, they are NOT priority.

This list is empty.

Items to Replace

Semi-Priority. I have traded these precious items away for bigger trades, but still want a replacement! :) Please offer me a neomail if you can!

Note: this list is not a list of all the items I have traded, just the traded items I want back

This list is empty.


Things I really like, but might not necessarily need right now...

I'm the type of person that really admires floral, pastel, sunny, delicate, beautiful and adorable items that go well with the summer and spring, so if you think you may have that, but it's not on this list, don't be afraid to offer :) This list is empty.
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