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Other things UFT:
-BFGBC x11
-GBC x4
-Retired Dyeworks Mystery Capsule 2023
-8th Birthday Tied with a Bow Cupcake

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1 Cap

Will also trade for upcycle cookies

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PB Clothing

You must have a pet of the same color to get the clothes. Send me a NM and we can set up a transfer.

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Items cujocookie wants

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1. WL Priority

Offering any TL for these, GBCs, & custom (if available)

777 = Trade pending

Also seeking:
-Upcycle Cookies
-Retired Backgrounds Mystery Capsule
-MME RR caps

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2. WL Casual

Items I want eventually but I'm not desperate to have at the moment. Feel free to make offers but I may be more likely to reject depending on the state of my priority WL & box count.

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3. WL Dreams

I'm not really planning on actively trying to trade for these but they would be nice to have.

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