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Items Ludou owns

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Side (hailee1994)

Items marked 21 = 2:1

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Items Ludou wants

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* Sssspecial*

Full custom/GBCs and entire TL UFT.
Show me your WL!

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1. Actively Seeking

GBCs/Custom available for items marked '99'.
Willing to OVER-OFFER for items marked '99'.

Seeking these GBCs to collect //
Creepy Crawlers Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Gingerbread House Gift Box Mystery Capsule

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4. Seeking in 2:1 Sales

I'm not always seeking everything in this list, please don't be offended if I reject an offer.
Feel free to show me what you have, though!

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The Big Ones. o___o

Yeah, probably not, but why not keep the fantasy, right??

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