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# please trade with me :'-(

!right now i'm only seeking wishlist items, not looking for gbcs!

hi! welcome to my DtI page!

i may not have the most impressive trade list but i might just have what you want. all categories are pretty self-explanatory i think. also just to stress out, my permanent items are only UFT for my huge wishes ( "non-priority /expensive" (like stunning moon or specs), please don't ask about them if you can't offer any of those, thank you!

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% highlights/populars

right now these are only uft for my wishes :x

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& regular uft list

most items that are worth 1-2 caps on ~waka can be traded for 1 gbc. just send me a neomail!

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Items Vivian wants

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non-priority or expensive items

some stuff i somewhat like and perhaps want as trade fodder or for future customizations. "9" means i absolutely have to have this item some day. other numbers are cap values: the number shown is the low end of the value.

note to self: Specs are valued at 35-40 as of June 20th; Stunning Moon is 30-35; Star Gazing is 20m

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please nm me if you have these uft for items i have or for gbcs, or a combo

(numbers = cap value from ~valentine: the number shown is the high end of the value. this doesn't mean with popular items that i'm strictly trading for those values: they're just a guideline)

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