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# please trade with me :'-(

hi! welcome to my DtI page!

i may not have the most impressive trade list but i might just have what you want. all categories are pretty self-explanatory i think. also just to stress out, my permanent items are only UFT for my large wishes ( "non-priority /expensive" (like stunning moon or specs), please don't ask about them if you can't offer any of those, thank you!

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% highlights/populars

right now these are only uft for my wishes :x

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& regular uft list

most items that are worth 1-2 caps on ~waka can be traded for 1 gbc. just send me a neomail!

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Items Vivian wants

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! priority

please nm me if you have these uft for items i have or for gbcs, or a combo

(numbers = cap value from ~valentine: the number shown is the high end of the value. this doesn't mean with popular items that i'm strictly trading for those values: they're just a guideline)

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: expensive items

i wish... "8" means i absolutely have to have this item some day. other numbers are cap values: the number shown is the low end of the value.

note to self: Specs are valued at 35-40 caps as of December 25th; Stunning Moon is 30-35 caps; Star Gazing is 20m

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= non-priority or trade fodder

trade fodder, things i like or traded away, but am not actively seeking. if you want to trade with me but the value difference is too large, you can add to it with these. or just hit me up if you like something i have. my regular tl is always uft and most of my highlights are as well (most stuff is uft for fqcs/gbcs, which i always seem to be needing).

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