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I know that most of my WL is practically impossible, so if you see something in my "NC UFT" list you'd like, NM me an offer even if it's not on my WL! Going to try to paperclip trade my way to my goals
Boxes: 17
GBC: 0
Updated 16/6/18

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lending for 1 GBC

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NC UFT (side)

These are on my side account, will need a GBC included if trading. Those marked 999 are HTPW, any other number indicates how many I own
Non wearable items UFT:
NC Mall Sixth Birthday Goodie Bag
Krawk Island Ship Lamp
Floating in Love Valentine Goodie Bag

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PB clothing

I don't have pets for these anymore, just left overs from previous zaps
NM me to work something out!

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Items SilverCloods wants

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NC wishlist (3)

Don't NEED it, but would be nice to have it

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