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2:1 GBC Sale (or 3:2, 4:3, etc.)

New cube GBCs, please! Thanks

I'm willing to substitute FQ/Lab Cookies if I have enough boxes.


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4. Closet UFT (Mostly HTPW)

Hard To Part With:
I am not expecting overoffers, but I might simply say 'no' if a trade is offered on one of these items,
especially if I'm still using it in a customization.

Don't be afraid to offer, though -- my 'real' closet items are hidden lol :3

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Items starlightpixie wants

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01. Priorities -- Actively Seeking:

Customs usually available for these items -- just ask if I have NC on hand. I prefer high-value, low-box customs (ex: I'd rather buy you 2x20packs of something instead of putting 16 GBCs into boxes, etc.)

I have other hidden WLs... so if you don't have anything here, still feel free to contact me with your TL!

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