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1. Regular NC UFT

List 1 items are not HTPW, but also not discounted for caps/cookies like Lists 2 & 3.

~ ~ ~ List 2: GBCube 2:1 Sale ~ ~ ~
(Retireds) *

~ ~ ~ List 3: GBCube 3:1 Sale ~ ~ ~
(Buyables) *

~ ~ ~ List 4: Closet UFT ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ List Z: 2:1 Sale on Sides ~ ~ ~
(Subject to box availability)

  • Willing to accept NC Cookies if I have enough boxes (FQ, Lab, & Upcycle only).

    For collectors, I have a random assortment of old caps/GBCs, goodie bags, event items, etc. UFT here

Updated 1/4/19 {Please forgive slow replies, I work long hours; will respond to all mails eventually!
My timezone recently changed from EST to CET.}

This list is empty.

2:1 GBC Sale (or 3:2, 4:3, etc.)

New cube GBCs, please! Thanks

No buyables on this list;
I'm willing to substitute FQ/Lab Cookies if I have enough boxes,
or mix-n-match some with the 3:1 buyables list below.


This list is empty.

3:1 GBC Sale (Buyables)

These are my Upcycle Cookie items, unless you want them 3:1!

I will consider mixing with the 2:1 UBs above as well, just ask.


This list is empty.

4. Closet UFT

Somewhat Hard To Part With:
I am not expecting overoffers, but I might simply say 'no' if a trade is offered on one of these items,
especially if I'm still using it in a customization.
These items are not discounted or UFT for GBCs.

Don't be afraid to offer, though -- my 'real' NFT closet items are on a hidden list lol

This list is empty.

Z. UFT on Side Accounts

~Most~ of these are also on sale 2:1 for GBCs.

These items are subject to box availability on my sides.
Don't let that discourage you from asking about them, though!

(Please ignore quantities, that tells me which account they're on)

This list is empty.

ZZZZZ. Special Trade Only

Only interested in trading AotR for an offer that includes at least one of these:
Eventide Mountains BG,
MiniMME17-B: Evening Rooftop BG, or
Stunning Moon View BG
(as well as some of my other wishes).

Thank you for understanding!

This list is empty.

Items starlightpixie wants

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01. Priorities -- Will open the closet for these!

The rest of my WL is hidden because it's organized by cap value for my sanity,
instead of priority, and that was causing some confusion...
I am happy to browse your TL if you don't have any of my wishes, and I'm ~always~ up for GBCs and cookies.

These are the items I'm actively seeking and will open up my closet for -- if you don't see anything you want above, please still send me your WL, most of my best stuff is hidden (populars, high-value items, etc).

Customs are usually available for these items -- just ask if I have NC on hand.
I prefer high-value, low-box customs
(Ex: I'd rather buy you 2x20packs of something instead of putting 16 GBCs into boxes, etc.)

This list is empty.

Replacing Items Traded/Gifted

Not seeking at this time, just reminding myself to eventually replace them.
I don't regret the trades or the giftings...

... just the effort it will take to get them back lol XD

This list is empty.
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