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0.0 Hey! ^_^

LAST UPDATED: 11th November



If you're interested in something I own but don't have anything on my WL (or if my WL is empty, which sometimes, incredibly, actually happens), please let me know and I'm happy to look at your TLs.

I also have a few things unlisted that I'm willing to trade for my HTF wishes - if you have my wishes but I have nothing you're after, do send me a NM with your WL because I might have what you're seeking. ^_^

With the exception of my items for DW lending, nothing I own in these lists is HTPW! Nothing here is part of my closet; these items are shown here because I'm willing to trade them. Please don't hesitate to make offers and I'll always respond to any enquiry - if I don't respond within a couple of days and it looks like I've been online in that time, please ask again ^^

I currently have: 6 boxes | 0 GBCs :(

Anything marked with '50' is currently set aside for a trade, so you should probably pretend it doesn't exist.

This list is empty.

1. Highlights

Offering these items for my Priority WL, or a combination of wishes and GBCs, or maybe just GBCs - please just suggest a trade if you have something in mind :)

This list is empty.

1.1 DW Lending

I can lend the following items for Dyeworks :)

Lending 2:1 GBC or 1:1 Dye Pot.

None of these items are UFT as they are part of my closet; they're only listed here for lending.

This list is empty.

2:1 NC

Current buyables, past freebies and items that have been on my TL for far too long. Everything here is 2:1 GBC OR 1:1 Dye Potion. I might go 2:1 Dye Potion as well, just ask :)

Any numbers refer to quantity.

If this list is visible, I'm willing to do a 2:1 trade! I'd love these things to go to loving owners ;)

This list is empty.

Items mindy_moo22 wants

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1. NC Priority Wishlist

I'm always offering my Highlights and TL for anything here. I'm also offering GBCs for anything marked '99'.

Anything marked '99' is super extra priority, probably because I need it, like, right now for a customisation. But I'll still trade for anything else you may have to offer here as well.

If you have anything here please mail me! ^_^

This list is empty.
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