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0. Introduction


Feel free to send me a message! I'm quite friendly so don't be afraid to make me an offer!

I can't offer customs or GBCs at this time!

Key: Numbers = which side the item is on.

Main = 1
Ringo_8009(2) = 0
akitshowalter(3) =0
_aqua_08(4) = 0
shayybee(5) = 0

Updated: 12/19/2017

This list is empty.

Items glitterycow wants

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0. Things I need right now (high priority)

1. Dyeworks Variants (medium - high priority)

These are items that have Dyeworks color variants!

I'm looking for any and all of the colors of each of these!

note: I don't want the original version of these items unless they are in my other wish lists!

This list is empty.
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