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1. NC UFT (Main)

Also Offering:
1. GBCs
2. Custom: currently available
3. Forlorn Sweetheart Gram (No LE)
4. Brilliant Ombre Sweetheart Gram (No LE)
5. Dyeworks Winter Hue Brew Potions
6. Baby Easter Negg

Always Seeking:
1. Sparkler Cupcakes or Cake Slices #1
2. GBCs

This list is empty.

2. NC UFT (115)

Neohome Items UFT:
1. Cosy Fireplace with Stockings
2. Elegant Christmas Tree
3. Virtupets Map Screen
4. King Altadors Golden Noil Throne

Retired Capsules UFT:
1. Winged Mystery Capsule
2. NC Mall 2nd Birthday Mystery Capsule
3. Spinning Star Mystery Capsule
4. Krawk Island Mystery Capsule
5. Neopets 10th Birthday Mystery Capsule
6. Spinning Snowflake Holiday Mystery Capsule
7. Pirate Cannon Mystery Capsule
8. Paisley Mystery Capsule
9. NC Mall 4th Birthday Mystery Capsule
10. NC Mall 5th Birthday Mystery Capsule

Goodie Bags UFT:
1. Silver NC Mall 2nd Birthday Goodie Bag
2. Red NC Mall Second Birthday Goodie Bag
3. Creepy Spyder Coffin Goodie Bag
4. Korbats in the Meowclops Goodie Bag
5. Holiday Goodie Bag
6. NC Mall Third Birthday Goodie Bag
7. NC Mall 4th Birthday White Goodie Bag
8. NC Mall Fifth Birthday Goodie Bag
9. Second NC Mall Fifth Birthday Goodie Bag
10. Ghost Melton Goodie Bag
11. Peppermint Goodie Bag
12. Pikis Valentine Goodie Bag

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Items aphex wants

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1. Stuff for Custom

3. Low Priority Wishes

I have no plans for these at the moment.

This list is empty.
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