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1. Welcome!

Welcome to my tradelist!

Most of the items here are listed under "trading" and can be traded towards wishes, GBCs, cookies or other mall items I may be seeking at the time.

Some items are of higher priority than others, hence why I might reject a completely fair offer, sorry in advance!

I am also usually very limited on boxes. If you have a high priority wish of mine however, feel free to mail me your wishes. I also have lots hidden!.

99 indicates that the item is most likely not for trade, 11 and 22 indicate the item is on a (most likely) boxless side account.

Thank you and happy browsing, feel free to mail me anytime!

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Foregrounds, Garlands, Dolls & Background Items

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z. Giving away: Spare Paint Brush Clothing

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** I really really want these **

Let me know what you'd like for these items, thanks! Willing to part with closet items.

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Casual Wishlist

Generally not offering custom/GBCs/highlights towards this list.

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d. Replacement Wishlist

Items I traded away and want to replace at some point. Of varying priority, with 99 indicating highest priority. Willing to offer custom/closet for some of those items.

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