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1. Unlisted

Only UFT for my dream and/or priority items :)
Would prefer to trade these towards slightly higher cap (3+) items

This list is empty.

3. Non-wearable TL

UFT for higher cap or priority items:
GBC (x0), Dyeworks (x1), FQC (x3), 8th Birthday Tied with a Bow Cupcake (x2), 8th Birthday Sparkler Cupcake (x1), or Shenanigifts (x1).

This list is empty.

5. 2:1/Buyables

Any 2 items for 1 GBC.

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Items limebreeze wants

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0. Just Dreams

For items on this list, I can also offer wearables from my unlisted section + some combination of GBC/TL items.
Please and thank you :)

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