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1. Hello

I'm usually willing to offer gbc/custom for my priority/normal wishlist items n_n

I'm also seeking some retired capsules & non-wearables for my gallery over here:

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2. Highlights

3. Trade List

Items marked:
99 are HTPW
7 & 8 are reference for side accounts

Sparkling Purple Sweetheart Gram
Faerieland Mystery Capsule

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4. 2:1 Sale

7 & 8 are reference for side accounts

This list is empty.

I don’t deserve my friends ;-;

This is a list of items gifted to me by my friends + lovely people (mainly Kel) ;-; thank you so much!!
never UFT!

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Items breakeven wants

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1. I'll Dream *_*

Nothing here because Kellian is the best ;-;

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2. Priority Wishlist

4. Casual Wishes

Items I'm still making customs with. May not be seeking them currently but feel free to ask!

Items marked 9 are ones I'm seeking in 2:1
Items marked 3 are still buyable, will not be trading customs for them

This list is empty.

5. Gallery Wishlist

Items I need for my gallery ~ not a priority

Also seeking retired caps here:

This list is empty.
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