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1) Welcome!

I use ~waka as a guide for NC values. My UN is myburntwaffle

Items below are available for trade (numbers indicate quantity).

Hopefully, we can work something out!

I currently have:

GBCs: 16 (Always Seeking/ Offering)

Dyepots: 2

Boxes: 17

Wonderclaw Widget: 1

Holiday Ornament Wreath: 1

Money Tree Cupcake: 1

Updated: December 10, 2018

This list is empty.

5) Regular Tradelist

NM me and hopefully we can arrange a trade.

This list is empty.

6) 2(or more):1 GBC Sale

I will be happy to trade these items for GBCs. Do not hesitate to ask if items in my Regular TL are also available for the 2:1 sale.

This list is empty.

Items Daze@Y1997 wants

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