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1. Notes

Just a few things before you look at my list.

Numbers indicate how many of an item I have not value. I am currently using /~waka for values (though I disagree with a few) though I am always happy to make a value board and/or discuss values.

Neomails are always open, I am on almost daily and I always try to reply. I am in the UK (NST +8) so give me time to respond.

However - If I haven't replied in 24 hours, I likely haven't got your mail, so feel free to mail again.

I don't always have wearable wishes, so if I have something you are seeking, I am usually happy to accept GBCs/custom and I'm always willing to have a look at your tradelist.

Updated Last - December 3rd 2018

This list is empty.

2a. Lending

Happy to lend anything here 2:1 for a GBC or 1:1 for a dyework potion, cookie or small wish

This list is empty.

2b. Take This Away!

Stuff I am literally sick of, and I will start donating to the money tree when I can upcycle cookies.

Send me a GBC and I will send you back 2-5 things, depending on how many boxes I get.

If I have enough boxes, I'm also happy to trade anything 1:1 for FQCs and 2:1 for Dyepots and Upcycle Cookies

This list is empty.

3a. Backgrounds

This list is empty.

3b. Clothes

This list is empty.

3d. Dyeworks

Some of these I'm a little attatched too, but all are UFT!

This list is empty.

3e. Face Paint/Accessories/Jewellery/Shoes

This list is empty.

3f. Foregrounds

This list is empty.

3h. Handhelds

This list is empty.

3j. Miscellanious

This list is empty.

3k. Wigs

This list is empty.

3n. Sides UFT

Okay so the rest of the lists are a mix between my main and my side Chocolatemuffin4 (which was my main until I got back into my actual main if that makes sense!)

But listed here are the few things I have on my other sides.

**Items with:

2 - Chocolatemuffin4side 3 - Abiisaboringname 4 - Chocmuffin4side**

Currently I don't have boxes on Abiisaboringname or Chocmuffin4side

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Items Abii wants

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1. High Priority

If there's nothing here, I'm always seeking GBCs.

I am also partial to customs, cookies, openables and happy to trade for populars

This list is empty.

3. Casual Wishes

Not currently seeking these

Items I like the look of but I have no plans for, this is more a list for myself to be honest

This list is empty.

4. Friends/Family Wishes

Always seeking these

I have several people I know in RL that don't buy/trade NC so I like to gift them things they end up liking, so let me know if you have these UFT

99 ~ For my mum :*

This list is empty.
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