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0. Introduction

Hello! I'm Dani :) I am currently focused on my needed now wishes. 99 on an item means it's in a trade offer. For my highlights & visible closet I am only looking to trade them for my some needed now and wishes. I may reject an offer for them. I use OWL and DTI2020 values. Please feel free to NM me. I also have the following items UFT:

Gothic Charm Sweetheart Gram (no LE)

Pretty in Pink Sweetheart Gram (no LE)

Enchanting Sweetheart Gram (no LE)

Vintage Halloween Party Gram (no LE)

Sleepless Spyder Mutant Gram (no LE)

Everything Nice Fall Retired Mystery Capsule

Last updated: 9/20/2023

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0000. Regular Trade List

Everything here is up for trade, please offer GBCs and item/item trades (prio).

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Items ferowbie wants

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Needed now

Items I need to complete customizations. Can offer unlimited customs and items from my TL. I will even offer highlights for some of these items!

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