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These are the items currently being kept in my closet. Some of these might be used for seasonal customizations therefore everything might not be up for trade! Don't be afraid to ask!!

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Premium Collectables

These are items received through having Neopets Premium.

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Safety Deposit Box

These items are more than likely all up for trade - since they're sitting in my Safety Deposit Box rather than my closet. There might be a few I'm unwilling to let go of but for the most part - have at 'er!

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Side Accounts

This stuff is located on side accounts. Still UFT but the status of boxes depends on the account. (:

You'll have to give me time to find items off of this list, it might take me a few to find which account the item is on. x)

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Unclaimed / Spare Paint Brush Clothing

Just wanted to get this stuff out of my closet list.

The krawk and draik stuff probably won't be going anywhere anytime soon as those pets are permies and they might be wearing bits and pieces of their paint brush clothing.

The rest of it however if you've caught a pet from the pound and require it's clothing we can probably set something up! :)

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Unsorted Sides

This list is empty.

Used Items / Currently Being Displayed

These items are currently being displayed on one of my neopets. They're probably not UFT unless I change their customization but I wanted to list them all here for my sake (;

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(Not in a list)

There aren't any items here.
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