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... Welcome ...

Please excuse the mess - trying to organize by values, and then it got to be a bit much for me...and then I went on a trading hiatus but I am back!

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0.1 Seasonal [gbc / custom!]

Starting up my own Christmas / winter seasonal section <3

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Any GBC, mystery/RR caps accepted (if I have boxes).

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Sale Pile (2:1, 3:1 / junk exchange)

waiting for granny's CC

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1.1 Soo shiny

BGs I find really pretty. Okay, okay, this is really just reserved so I can stare at Space Exploration and pretend I own it. ;)

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1.2 NC new stuff / recent RRs / Dyeworks (low priority)

999.1 Thank you

Thank you to those that have gifted me, whether it was big or small, or gave me a good deal on something I was hunting down!!! :)

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