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Items talky_toon owns

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1.1: UFT

Hiya! Welcome to my trade list! :D


I'm more than happy to trade customs/ GBCs/ cookies/ or whatever for stuff I'm after most of the time..... Just ask! :) I buy a lot of NC so chances are good I have Future fashions access most months! Also feel free to mail me on potential future pre-trades.... Like for big / popular holiday events or when RR caps come out.

I can accept GBC's and custom for things in my regular trade lists, and maybe some things in my highlights...Just ask!

I use ~/Waka for values.

My time zone is the same as Neopets.... But I am however.... Nocturnal!

Which means I'm mostly active in the evenings and late at night... Usually anywhere from 6pm- 8am. That's the best time to reach me, and don't worry I log on every day! So I will hopefully try to respond to any mail.

Feel free to drop me a message sometime about trades! I don't bite. :)

This list is empty.

1.2: The Gooooood Stuff! ;)

This list is my

New Items/ Highlights/ Pops/ and HTPW

Not really interested in GBCs for most things here unless stated otherwise on the boards. BUT... depending on the item... I MIGHT be swayed for taking GBC's. Mainly clothing/ handheld items as I have no use for most of them. Thanks for understanding :)

Items labeled 99: Is HTPW But please do not be intimidated by that! They're not un-tradeable by any means! :) I will gladly part with them for my high/ medium/ and pop-HTF wishes.

If something is labeled 999 However... Then it is VERY HTPW. I will be much pickier with what I trade it for.

Items Labeled 55: Means I'm either unsure of its current Waka value or I personally don't agree with it. They're slightly hard to part with.

Any other number just means I have a duplicate. So I'm much more inclined to trade them :)

Everything else unlabeled is just cool looking/ popular, and I'm not really attached to them.

This list is empty.

1.3) Backgrounds

This list is empty.

1.4) Showers and Effects

This list is empty.

1.5) Garlands/ Lights/ Frames/ Trees

This list is empty.

1.6) Lower Foregrounds

This list is empty.

1.7) Side Trinkets and Background Items

This list is empty.

1.8) Handhelds

This list is empty.

2.5) Hats and Wigs

This list is empty.

2.6) Dresses

This list is empty.

2.7) Jackets, Trousers, Skirts and Shirts

This list is empty.

2.8) Accessories, Make-up, Shoes and Gloves

This list is empty.

Items talky_toon wants

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00: Pending and Pre-Trades

items I want that are currently in limbo regarding trades

This list is empty.

1: High Priority Wishes!

Need ASAP for planned customs soon

If something is labeled 99 it means I REALLY need it. I may be willing to OVER OFFER for.

Will gladly trade Pops/ HTPW for things here

Also need these un-wearables!

Dream Lands Mystery Capsule

99 means big priority. 21 means id like to find in a 2:1 or 1 cap sale.

This list is empty.

3) Seeking for friends!

Let me know if you have these. They are for friends :)

This list is empty.

5.5: Casual.... expensive Pretties/ Pops

Stuff that would be nice someday. In no rush at all to get these... But by all means if you have anything, drop me a mail! :)

This list is empty.

6: Lolly/ Drink gallery Wishlist

Low priority... My space gallery comes first.

But still seeking

This list is empty.

9.5) Dupes are nice!

Items I already have but could use another of.. or to use as trade fodder.

Will always accept these

This list is empty.
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