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1. a short introduction

Hey there, I'm Addi, to start with you can neomail me at:

I have traded NC pretty casually in the past, but I'm getting more into it lately. Always interested in trading my items for your: GBCS, Cookies (Archive & Faerie), and sometimes customs if there is something I'm looking at in the store (please save me from buying more NC I don't need more Clockwork Wings lol).

I use Owls for values but if you have another source with recent history I'm happy to look at it and take it into consideration. I consider myself a pretty fair and laid back person when it comes to value tho, so if you have an offer you feel is reasonable that doesn't match up with current values, reach out anyway.

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a. rotating closet / htpw

These are things that I'm either: currently using, use in seasonal outfits, or attached to enough that they are htpw.

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