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Items Ropets123 owns

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0. NC Miscellaneous Stuff Up For Trade + Seeking List

I do not have many stuff up for trade, but I guess I'll post this here in case you want any of these for any customization things or other things:

Faerie Quest Fortune Cookies: 0

Upcycle Fortune Cookies: 0

Dyeworks Potions: 0

GBCs: 0

0 Munching Meepits Gift Box Mystery Capsule (BF)

Currently seeking BFGBCs in a 4:1 trade and DW Caps in general!

This list is empty.

0000. NC Items I'd actually like to keep

The items here are items that I'm considering keeping, but you can still trade for it.

This list is empty.

00000. NC Items that I really like, but would trade for wishes

Title explains it all, but everything but the background are up for trade for any of my pet outfit wishes. ( I have a spare background, but would like to trade it for a outfit wish item of the same value, but other trades are fine with the background! )

This list is empty.

000000. Items I'm Really Attached To

I really love these items a lot and I'm hesitant to let go as of now. Only items in my high priority list will make me consider the trade. ; - ;

This list is empty.

Items Ropets123 wants

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High Priority Wishlist that I dream of having

I never thought I'd have to make this

This list is empty.

Medium Priority that I'm interested in

These items are ones that I would like that I would be very interested in keeping, but are not as "urgent" as the ones in my high priority list or any of my pet outfit wishlists

This list is empty.

Very Low Priority that isn't really important

The items in the list are items that I would like, but I'm not too pressed to have like the items in the wishlists above, but you can try to ask for a trade on the first and second tradelists I have.

This list is empty.
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