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~ updated jan 21st ~

° trading will be for coolpeepsnevrlos777 and coolpeepsneverlose
° please send me your tradelist ~
° i accept trades based on how much i enjoy and/or need the item, and use /~owls as an aid
° i use the neochat extension to keep track of all my messages and my inbox should never be full --
--i do get busy and overwhelmed irl, please be patient with my reply. i'm not really a daily player anymore, so if i havent responded in a long time you can shoot me another message or safely assume i don't want to trade

This list is empty.

1.1° NC UFT - wishes only

more often than not, i'm seeking priority WL items.

This list is empty.

1.2° NC UFT - wishes only

2.1° NC UFT - casuals

don't hesitate to make any offer and send me your lists (:

prefer WL items and don't mind large trades

This list is empty.

3° NC UFT - sale / upcycling

might be upcycling some of these and forget to update this list. sorry if its no longer available ):

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Items threakth wants

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3° NC wishlist - not a priority

no rush to get any of these, just seeking casually :D

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