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0. Welcome!

Thanks for visiting my tradelist ^_^

Please note I live in Australia so I will usually respond to mail sometime between 11pm - 8am NST.

I'm online daily & reply to all Neomails, so if you haven't received a reply in a day or so it was probably a glitch. Please send your neomail again, I'd love to work something out :)

Can always offer GBCs for wishes!

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2. UFT for Wishlist

Looking for high priority and regular wishlist items for these

I can also offer GBCs for wishes, and usually Custom/Cookies + BF GBCs for priority wishes :)

(This list also includes some buyables)

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3. Teddy Bear Sweetheart Gram x1

UFT for wishlist items

I have access to any 1 of the following items, no LE

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SALE 2:1 GBC / 3:1 BF GBC

Pick 2 items in exchange for 1 GBC, or 3 items for a BF GBC.

Can also do:
2 items for any 1 item from my wishlist
1 item for an Upcycle Cookie, Archive Cookie or RR Cap

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Items Sparkley wants

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Regular Wishlist

Can offer GBCs for everything here, may be able to offer custom as well, just ask :)

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