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Items SheepGeminis owns

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0. Welcome ~

Hi! My name's Sheep! Before we continue, here's some important information regarding NC trades that might help you to trade with me:

  • I'm currently accepting NM offers in: itachi_uchiha090688 and I'm online daily! If you haven't received a response in 24 hrs, please resend your NM and I'll contact you ASAP.

  • NC trades are meant to be fun and fair. We both have equal rights to refuse any offer by whatever the reason is, so let's enjoy it!

  • The values are based in two things: Owls guides and our own impression of value for these items. So if you're not convinced that we're doing a fair trade, we can call it a day!

Happy trading ~

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3. 1 caps

I'm offering 1 of these for 1 item / caps, or 1 of my wishes! (1-2 caps only)

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Items SheepGeminis wants

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Buyables (Lowest priority)

The boots and necklace are non-tradeable, I just put them here to not forget about buying them XD

(Narrator: But he, in fact, forgot to save enough NC for them... again).

This list is empty.

Just a bit interested in them ~

I'm kinda interested in getting these, but they're not a priority as ' Do you have 'em? Let's trade ~ '. You can still offer with them to see how things go!

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